Lecture 1- “GIS technology in Property Planning” by Borce Dimeski

Lecture 2- “Role of IT in Property Valuation” by Allan Moffat from Estate Master

Lecture 3- “IT Two Ways” by Susan Feltaous and Carolyn Trickett from Jones Lang LaSalle

Lecture 4- “RP Data” by Allan Teale (replacing Mark Tait) from Property Consultant and Lecturer at UTS

Lecture 5- “BIM” by Ryan Hanlen and Fawzi Soliman from BIM Consulting

Lecture 6- “IT and Construction Delivery” by Julian D’Oforio and Rick Benjamin from Lend Lease

Lecture 7- “Constructing the Future: HyWay System and Enterprise BIM Initiative” by Michael Parks from Hansen and Yuncken

Lecture 8- “5D Quantity Surveying” by Caitlin Hintz from Mitchen and Brandtman

Lecture 9- “BIM and facilities Management: Sydney Opera House” by Chris Linning


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