Am I a professional blogger yet?


9 Lectures, 9 Blog posts and 9 followers later the journey of blogging has come to an end. Yes, okay 9 followers aren’t very impressive and I haven’t quite reached the level of “professional blogger”. How many followers do I need until companies start sending me free stuff and paying me to promote them on my blog? Maybe I have to reach double digits first, but I am getting there slowly.

So lets go back down memory lane, this time we will take the IT innovation path. I always knew that technology played a big role in the property and construction industry, but I never realized just how big this role was. It’s huge, practically colossal. Originally I assumed that each week we would be presented on a completely different technology altogether, but most of the time it ended up being about my new bestfriend BIM. Now do not take that in a negative way, because BIM to me is a technology with almost infinite opportunities and possibilities. And to think we only just briefly brushed upon what BIM is and its processes and factors, I can’t even imagine how big of a role BIM will play when I finally step out into the real world.

The benefits IT provides for the construction and property industry is endless, but its impact on the bottom line is evident. IT makes everything it touches more efficient, which obviously will result in time savings, therefore cost savings, and finally what most people want to hear **cha ching** more money. But one thing that didn’t arise throughout the past 9 lectures is sustainability. I found this disappointing as to me sustainability plays an equally important role in the future of the construction and property industry as IT innovation does. I think these two aspects should be simultaneous and should improve and assist each other. If the IT innovation in the industries could improve building sustainability then it would be a win-win situation for the industry and me.

In a recent conversation with my friend Hugh, we both discussed and thought that the IT innovation presented in the lectures mainly involved new and future projects, where the old guys, the current developments e.g. our Opera House, that need refurbishment didn’t seem to get much of this innovative IT directed their way. It’s a shame because no city is able to completely knock down and rebuild.

Overall this blogging experience has been exactly that, an experience. One I didn’t actually think I would enjoy but has allowed me to share my thoughts and also read my fellow bloggers thoughts on IT innovation and its use in the industry. The blog has been a catalyst in sparking discussions and critical analysis of IT innovation, creating a far more powerful education tool then just a lecture theatre and a textbook. I hope my 9 faithful followers have enjoyed reading my posts just as much as I enjoyed writing them, and you some what got to know me as the posts continued. Congratulations blogging, you have successfully converted me 🙂


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