All good things come to an end…unless BIM interferes

photo-7We’ve all heard by now that all good things must come to an end. And for buildings that usually ends at 40 years, well in financial terms at least. But what would our city be if we didn’t have one of our most iconic landmarks, the Sydney Opera House. So that’s where BIM comes into the picture, again. Today’s talk was by Chris Linning on “BIM and facilities Management for the Sydney Opera House”.

0824n_bim9sydney_b-1Initially, the Opera House was a bare development, meaning that it didn’t have any digital models of its structure. So a large opportunity existed and the Opera House caught on to the rest of the innovative sector and investigated the application of BIM to support facilities management. It was time for the iconic building to continue to live up to its high standards and world famous platform as it began to be scanned for integrated building, maintenance and management data. As the opera house approaches its 40th birthday, the city is celebrating by giving it a $1 billion refurbishment, not bad for a 40th birthday present. So when it celebrates its 50th, it will be in tip-top shape and will expand its life span to an extra 250-300 years. A number of the Opera Houses high-level processes have already benefited from BIM, and that includes benchmarking processes through building performance data, maintenance processes using engineering data and business processes with scheduling and security data. All of this data creates a huge pile of well, data. But through BIM this data is linked together to benefit facilities management, and can support processes, such as being able to retrieve all objects that scored on the BPI and are undertaking major maintenance.

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Once again BIM saves the day, not just for innovative and brand new developments but also for the iconic buildings that already exist. But as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, which I personally find a bit pessimistic and down right depressing. Whoever made up the saying obviously had never heard of BIM and its powerful tools against Mother Nature and prerequisite beliefs, because as long as BIM is in control our iconic and much loved opera house will be around forever.


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